Ronald L. Jones

A Room With A View, 2020
mixed media installation
A site specific sculpture that utilizes a color palette reminiscent of late 1980s culture to symbolize the cavernous environment of childhood and early adolescent trauma and how they sculpt individuals. The sculpture addresses the clashes of the conscious and subconscious through additional dueling color palettes which blend together forming the cavernous environment of the mind. In this way the sculpture exists to show the internal struggle of acknowledgment and acceptance, as well as the utilization of a creative practice as a vehicle to address past traumas. The installation serves as a figurative manifestation of the artist’s mind: a gateway which makes the individual’s trauma visible within the context of the gallery space and exhibition.
A Room With A View by Ronald L. Jones
A Room With A View by Ronald L. Jones
A Room With A View by Ronald L. Jones

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