Jim Culberson

Jim Culberson

Jim Culberson, American, 1928 – 1997


There was a studio called "Culberson, Glass and Dubose". Jim Culberson was one of the partners, and his son is now a Congressman, or a Senator. Jim Culberson had ambliopia (lazy eye), and he promoted himself as "The best cock-eyed artist in Houston". Jim Glass was one of the Partners. He was the designer of the First City National Bank's Trademark. and then there was the last partner Fred Dubose. They had studios on Kelvin just a block East of Kirby in the University Park.


            Over three decades, Jim Culberson has earned great renown for his expertise in the field of campaign planning and political graphics and design, and the Texas House of Representatives is proud to honor him for his many achievements; and

            Born October 23, 1928, in the community of Lone Oak, Mr. Culberson grew up among the Piney Woods of East Texas; like many of his generation, he interrupted his education to answer his country's call to arms during World War II, and he also served with distinction in the Korean War; and while a student at the University of New Mexico, he fell in love with Eleanor Abney, and the couple married in 1950; he completed his college education at the University of Houston, and after working as an art director for a Houston advertising agency, he established his own graphics studio in 1953; and He went on to teach art and photography at the University of Houston, St. Thomas University, and the Museum of Fine Arts, but his career took a new path when he handled the photography, cinematography, and graphic design for Senator John Tower's reelection campaign in 1966; his remarkable talent and media savvy quickly became apparent, and he has become a much sought after force in the campaign world; and


Throughout his distinguished career as a political counselor, Mr. Culberson has performed voter analysis and strategic campaign planning for nearly 200 congressional, gubernatorial, and other statewide races around the nation, and he worked with several aspiring presidential candidates as well, including former President Ronald Reagan; known for his unrelenting perfectionism and dedication to quality, he has limited his work in recent years to local races, enabling him to work directly with candidates while maintaining full creative involvement, and his impressive resume includes work on the following campaigns:

            John Tower for U.S. Senate, Texas, 1966, 1972;

            Rubel Phillips for Governor, Mississippi, 1967;

            Paul Eggers for Governor, Texas, 1968;

            Richard Nixon for President, partial, 1968;

            Hagen Thompson for Congress, Mississippi, 1968;

            Louie Welch for Mayor, Houston, 1969;

            Winston Prouty for U.S. Senate, Vermont, 1970;

            Cloud for U.S. Senate, Ohio, 1970;

            Jack Eckerd for Governor, Florida, 1970;

            Edmundson for Governor, Kentucky, 1970;

            Art Busch for Congress, Houston, 1970;

            Fred Hofheinz for Mayor, Houston, 1971, 1973, 1975;

            Trent Lott for Congress, Mississippi, 1972;

            Judson Robinson for City Council, Houston, 1973;

            Judson Robinson for Congress, Houston, primary, 1980;

            Johnny Goyen for City Council, Houston, 1973;

            Ronald Reagan for President, Texas Primary, 1974;

            Alvin Zimmerman for District Judge, 1978;

            Pat Lykos for District Judge, 1978‑1980;

            John Peavey for District Judge, 1978‑1994;

            Geraldine Tennant for District Judge, 1978;

            Christin Hartung for City Council, Houston, 1979‑1991;

            Mickey Leland for Congress, Houston, 1980, 1982;

            Louis Macey for Mayor, Houston, 1981;

            Jim Greenwood for City Council, Houston, 1981;

            George Greanias for City Council, Houston, 1981;

            Frank Hartung for State Rep., District 92, Houston,

              1978, 1980;

            Frank Hartung for State Senate, Houston, 1982;

            Frank Hartung for State Rep., District 135, Houston,


            Rodney Ellis for City Council, Houston, 1983;

            Eleanor Tinsley for City Council, Houston, 1983‑1989;

            Mike Boylan for City Council, Houston, 1983;

            Doug McLeod for Mayor, Galveston, 1984;

            Bill Archer for U.S. Congress, Houston, 1984‑1996;

            Harold Dutton for State Rep., District 142, Houston,


            Randy Pennington for State Rep., District 130,

              Houston, 1984;

            Reagan‑Bush '84, Harris County newspaper ads, 1984;

            Buster Brown for State Senate, Harris and Ft. Bend

              Counties, 1982‑1994;

            Buster Brown for Attorney General, Texas, 1988 and

              primary 1992;

            Milton Fox for Railroad Commissioner, Texas, 1986;

            Brad Raffle for Houston School Board, 1986;

            Bill Allen for District Judge, Houston, 1986;

            John Culberson for State Rep., Houston, 1986‑1996;

            Mark Price for Spring Branch School Board, Harris

              County, 1987;

            Ken Lloyd for Spring Branch School Board, Harris

              County, 1987;

            Sharolyn Wood for District Judge, Houston, 1984‑1996;

            Bill Bailey for Constable, Harris County

              Pct. 8, 1988‑1996;

            Elaine Bristow for District Judge, Houston, 1988;

            Steve Radack for Constable, Harris County Pct. 5,


            Steve Radack for Commissioner, Harris County Pct. 3,


            Glen Cheek for Constable, Harris County

              Pct. 5, 1988‑1996;

            J.C. Mosier for Sheriff, Harris County, 1988;

            Mike Jackson for State Rep., District 129, Houston,

              1988, 1990;

            Mike Jackson for State Rep., District 129, Houston,

              1992, 1994;

            Richard Stephanow for Judge, Court of Appeals, 1988;

            Bob Hilsher for County Clerk, Harris County, 1990;

            Helen Huey for Houston City Council, 1989‑1995;

            Ken VanderVoort for State Rep., District 139, Houston,

              1989, 1990;

            Mark Ramsey for Spring Branch School Board, Harris

              County, 1989;

            Republican Party of Texas (tabloids for eight state

              representative campaigns), 1990;

            Republican Party of Texas (brochure for 11

              state representative campaigns), 1990;

            Bob May for District Judge, Ft. Bend County, 1990;

            David West for District Judge, Houston, 1990, 1994;

            Gayle West for Vice Chairman, Republican Party of

              Texas, 1990, 1994;

            Mike Schneider for District Judge, Houston, 1990,


            Mike Schneider for Chief Justice, Houston, 1996;

            Scott Brister for District Judge, Houston, 1990;

            Al Calloway for City Council, Houston, 1991;

            Bob Lanier for Mayor, Houston, 1991;

            Dub Wright for Spring Branch School Board, Harris

              County, 1991;

            Tim Timmons for Spring Branch School Board, Harris

              County, 1991;

            John Kelly for City Council, Houston, 1991;

            Peggy Hamric for State Rep., District 126, Houston,


            Betsy Lake for Chairman, Republican Party of Harris

              County, 1992;

            Ted Kamel for State Rep., District 6, Tyler, Texas,

              1990, 1992;

            Vernon Krueger for State Senator, Tyler, primary, 1992;

            Tim Turner for State Rep., District 134, Houston,

              primary, 1992;

            Talmadge Heflin for State Rep., District 149, Houston,

              1992, 1994;

            Scott Link for District Judge, Houston, 1992;

            John Privett for County Tax Assessor, Harris County,


            Jerry Hall for State Rep., District 137, Houston,


            Orlando Sanchez for State Rep., District 132, Houston,


            Dan Shelley for State Senate, District 6, Houston,


            Harris County Republican Party Joint Campaign, 1992,


            Russell Austin for Probate Court No. 1, Houston, 1994;

            Georgia Dempster for District Judge, Houston, 1994;

            Mary Craft for District Judge, Houston, 1994;

            Cynthia Crowe for Harris County Civil Court, Houston,


            Wanda McKee Fowler for Appeals Court, Houston, 1994;

            Mike Wood for Probate Judge, Houston, 1994;

            Beverly Woolley for State Rep., District 136,

              Houston, 1994;

            Joe Nixon for State Rep., District 133,

              Houston, 1994;

            Pat Curran for State Rep., District 135,

              Houston, 1994;

            Richard Paquette for Judge, Houston, 1994;

            Tommy Thomas for Sheriff, Houston, 1996;

            Mark Fury for Justice of the Peace, Houston, 1996;

            Michael Fleming for County Attorney, Houston, 1996;

            Kim Ogg for District Judge, Houston, 1996;

            Carol Davies for District Judge, Houston, 1996;

            Gerald Zimmerer for Appeals Court, Houston, 1996;

            Helen Huey for Mayor, Houston, 1997;

            Georgia Akers for Probate Judge, Houston, 1997;

            Linda Motherall for District Judge, Houston, 1997;

            Mike Anderson for District Judge, Houston, 1997; and


            While Mr. Culberson has had great influence over the policies of this state through the election of many of this body's members, his greatest contribution to this state has been to send, with enthusiasm and learned counsel, his own son, Representative John Culberson, to the Texas Legislature; and

In all aspects of his life and career, Jim Culberson has embodied the highest standards of integrity and excellence; his example of hard work and dedication has been an inspiration to all who know him, and he is indeed deserving of legislative recognition at this time; now, therefore, be it



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