Meribeth Privett

Meribeth Privett

Meribeth Privett (b. 1982) 

Meribeth Privett is an intuitive artist who fell in love with abstract expressionism in Houston, Texas. Her art is a collaboration of self and spirit. Although she is primarily self-taught, Meribeth has taken foundational classes in drawing, painting, design, and ceramics. She found she thrived in a more unconventional setting, such as studying with mentors and workshops.  Her color pallets are unique and surprising, and her paintings have an alluring, mysterious quality. She is ritualistic in her process. She sets an intention to become a hollow bone and let the creative energies flow through her. The painting takes on a life of its own. She listens to the guiding whispers to serve the process.

Artist Statement

I believe the presence of art in our lives provides both healing and inspiration. When we choose to live with a piece of art, we form a relationship with the artwork and, by extension, with the artist. The energy we perceive in a work of art is a presence in our daily lives; tangible art speaks to us and gives meaning to our environments.

In my painting, romance is not dead: There is love. There is ritual. There is courtship. There is the patience that I’ve known only in my deepest, most committed intimate relationships. I feel a sense of loyalty, fascination, and commitment to my art; it’s a beautiful love affair. My paintings represent bringing order to chaos – a unification of the masculine and the feminine. I hope to allow my collectors to transport themselves to the place of creativity when the piece was painted and remind them that they, too, can access this realm. 

Selected Exhibitions

2020-2021, Repeating Patterns, Spring Street Studios, Houston TX

2020-2021, At the End of the Tunnel, Spring Street Studios, Houston TX

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