Matt Manalo

Matt Manalo

Matt Manalo (b. 1984)

Matt Manalo was born in the Philippines. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting and a Minor in Art History from the University of Houston. He makes work and resides in Houston, Texas.


Artist Statement

Matt Manalo creates work which involves elements of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and printmaking. He uses raw materials, found objects sometimes collected and often times donated... By doing this, he is making his practice environmentally conscious as well as understanding the idea of scarcity and abundance. He uses the grid as a foundation for most of his work to tackle geography, cartography, borders, and the idea of displacement while having a constant conversation of how “home” should be defined. Being a first generation immigrant, Manalo discusses his experiences navigating around the physical and social structures of society through his work. As he explores this, home becomes a two-part environment where the artist is split between the Philippines and Texas. The latter sits on the southern border of the US. It is also important to mention that colonization of the Philippines by Spain, Japan and the United States resulted in erasure, colorism and colonial mentality; a frequent topic in Manalo’s work. Manalo is the founder of Filipinix Artists of Houston, a collective of visual, performing, literary, culinary, and multidisciplinary artists. He also runs an alternative art space: Alief Art House. 

1984 Manila, Philippines
Houston, Texas USA
2011 University of Houston - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Art History Minor

Selected Exhibitions
2020     Texas Emerging: Volume 1, Foltz Fine Art, Houston, Texas, co-curated with Jonathan Paul Jackson

             The Ways They Are: Carris Adams, Sebastien Boncy, Matt Manalo, San Jacinto South Campus Gallery, Houston, Texas, curated by Bradly Brown

Solo Show: Deconstructing Lines by Matt Manalo, Lone Star College North Harris Campus Gallery, Houston, Texas

Lumikhâ by UniPro Texas, Winter Street Studios, Houston, Texas, curated by Christian Toledo

Reaching For The Horizon, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana, curated by Jan Christian Bernabe of FLXST Contemporary

2019     Project Freeway Fellowship: Alief Art House with DiverseWorks

Trabaj/ho: Resistance of a Colonial Imprint, Carnegie Art Museum Studio Gallery, Oxnard, California, curated by Jennelyn Tumalad

SYNERGY: From Manila to Acapulco, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, curated by Cesar Conde and Sergio Gomez

Overseas: Filipino American Artist Showcase, The Front Arte Cultura, San Ysidro, California, curated by Carmela Prudencio

THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE, 5601 Navigation Blvd. Houston, Texas, curated by Mich Stevenson and J.Bilhan

Se Aculilló? PRIMXS/ES | MAG-PINSAN | COUSINS, The Center for Reconciliation, Providence, Rhode Island, curated by Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez and Kat Chavez

Open Passages, Earl Francis Apartment Complex, El Paso, Texas, curated by Haley Treadwell

Walking In The Sun, Human Resources LA, Los Angeles, California, curated by Jennelyn Tumalad and Robben Muñoz

Kapatiran [brother/sister]: Matt Manalo and Isabel Cuenca, Damas Art Space, San Antonio, Texas

Samasama, Shopkeepers Gallery, Washington, DC, curated by Les Talusan and Seda Nak                                            

Bayanihan: You, Us, and I: Matt Manalo and Isabel Cuenca, Inferno Gallery at the Rice University, Houston, Texas

Lumikha, Diverseworks, Houston, Texas

2018     Tropeycalia Club Collaboration, Skyline College Art Gallery, San Bruno, California 

The Big Show, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas curated by Evelyn C. Hankins

Samasama, Shopkeepers Gallery, Washington, DC

Empty Box, Box 13 Art Space, Houston, Texas

What's the New News collaboration with Nathaniel Donnett and Project Row House installation at Navy Seafood, Houston, Texas

2017     No Longer Negotiable, Nous Tous Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Solo Show: New Work by Matt Manalo, Salon Totally Pennzoil Tower, Houston, Texas 

Solo Show: New Work by Matt Manalo, Kirk Hopper Fine Art Gallery, Dallas, Texas 

The Big Show, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas curated by Toby Kamps 

(De)Centered, WAS Gallery, Washington, DC curated by Isabel Manalo and Janna Añonuevo Langholz

2016     Collector's Club Cycle V, Project Row Houses, Houston, Texas 

Collector's Club Cycle IV, Project Row Houses, Houston, Texas

2015     WHERE ABOUT, Matt Manalo & Isabel Cuenca, Box 13 Art Space, Houston, Texas 

BAHAY, works by Matt Manalo & Isabel Cuenca, Oak Cliff Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas 

To and Fro, Carver Cultural Center, San Antonio, Texas curated by Raul Gonzalez

Solo Show: Made by Translation, No Future Projects, Online Temporary Space curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones

Artifacts, El Rincon Social, Houston, Texas

2014     Draped Up & Dripped Out pt. 1, Oak Cliff Cultural Center, Dallas, Texas, curated by Gerardo Robles

Draped Up & Dripped Out pt. 2, Mountain View College Gallery, Dallas, Texas, curated by Giovanni Valderas

2013     The Empty Box, Box13 Contemporary Art Space, Houston, Texas

2012     "Mix N' Mash", Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, Texas

Solo Show: "Black/White", Imperial Fine Arts, Rosenberg, Texas

Bank That Thang Up, The Joanna, Houston, Texas

OKLAHOMA: A Show About Texas/ Art Sandwiches & Burning Bones Press, Gallery M Squared, Houston, Texas

2011     Dis, Dat, Deez, Doz, The Joanna, Houston, Texas

Drawn to Death, Talento Bilingual de Houston, Houston, Texas

Solo Show: "Deconstractivism, Memory, Miscommunication/Disconnect", Imperial Fine Arts, Sugarland, Texas

"White Washing", Many Mini Residency, Skydive Art Space, Houston, Texas

ART SANDWICHES: "Marvin Zindler" Free Press Summer Fest, Houston, Texas 

Masters Thesis Show, Blaffer Art Museum, Houston, Texas

Mixture, Skydive Art Space, Houston, Texas

"Museums of Tomorrow" American Association of Museums/ Houston Museum of African American Culture, Houston, Texas

PODA: Portable On Demand Art Project with The Joanna/American Association of Museums, Discovery Green, Houston, Texas

The Empty Box, Box13 Contemporary Art Space, Houston, Texas

Art From The Land of Cougars, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center - Blue Star Lab, San Antonio, Texas, curated by Wayne Gilbert

2010     Project Row House Summer Artist Residency Show, Project Row House, Houston, Texas

The Empty Box, Box13 Contemporary Art Space, Houston, Texas

Twestival Houston 2010, Caroline Collective, Houston, Texas

FotoFest Biennial How I Will Die Show, HCC Annex Gallery, Houston, Texas 

Minority Men’s Initiative Show, HCC Main Building, Houston, Texas


Art Fairs

2019     Art Basel Miami, Bridge Red Studios

2016     Dallas Contemporary Art Fair, Kirk Hopper Fine Art

Selected Publications

2020     Live Blogging a Convening on Equity, Collaboration, and Sustainability in the Arts, 

Jasmine Weber, Valentina Di Liscia, & Hakim Bishara for Hyperallergic
What's Up in Houston Galleries by Molly Glentzer for Houston Chronicle
Mixed Media Installation Showcases Multiple Art Forms by Maggie Habermas for San Jacinto Times

2019     Giving Art a Home in Alief, by Christina Autry for International Management District Filipino-American Artist Directory 2019 Edition

2018     Bourley, Fisher, Manalo, and Sayed Take Top Honors in Lawndale's Big Show by Susie Tommaney for Houston Press
Racial Commentary Through Textile Installation, by Nikolas Bhatti Henning for Blacklisted Copenhagen
Interview with Jella Roson, In the Heart Stories: Artist Matt Manalo
Filipino-American Artist Directory 2018 Edition
Selah Magazine, Vol. 1
{M}aganda Magazine, Reclamation issue

2017     Filipino-American Artist Directory 2017 Edition

2016     The Studio Visit Interview by Isabel Manalo

2015     Fil-Am Artist Directory Interview by Janna Langholz
Art Funk Podcast Interview with Ryan and Rachel Rushing



2020     Insta11ations Fellowship in collaboration with Antonius-Tín Bui, Art League Houston, Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs, HAA

2019     Project Freeway Fellowship, DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas

2017     OpenMFAHouston Digital Residency

2011     Many Mini Residency, Skydive Art Space, Houston, Texas

2010     Project Row House Summer Studio Houston, Texas



Edward Albee Foundation

Imperial Fine Arts Private Collection

North Fork Arts Projects Collection

V. Velasco Private Collection


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